Sending A Weather Balloon to (Near) Space

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Thank you so much for watching this video! If you would like to suggest a video idea please leave it in the comments, and if you enjoyed please like and subscribe! It was my pleasure to add a bit of science to your day! I few months back, some friends and I decided that it would be cool to launch a weather balloon. We did some research and realized that it was actually feasible. We started a GoFund Me page and did a raffle at school to raise money. Over the course of many hours we were able to plan the launch and build the payload. We used to predict the landing (even though it was off a considerable amount becuase we underinflated the balloon slightly).

The launch went perfect even though the flight lasted longer that predicted. Because of this, we were not able to get footage from as high as we would have liked. We expected the SPOT Tracker to stop transmitting over a certain altitude, but then come back online. This took much longer than we expected and we were just about to leave when we got a signal. The signal came from Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. We got out there and hiked for over 13 miles, some of it through heavy brush. We got within 900 feet of our payload, but we could not get to it, since it was in the Marsh. Luckily, the Park Ranger and some Volunteers were going on a Sparrow Survey the following Sunday. Thankfully they were able to recover the payload and return it to us during that survey.

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