Wave-Particle Duality

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I chose Wave-Particle Duality as the topic for my video because I think it is the best introduction into quantum mechanics. It is something that everyone can relate to (as light Is everywhere) it is so simple but we still take light for granted almost everyday in our lives. Wave-Particle Duality shows that everything in our world has a story behind it when we really dig in and research it. In addition to this, Wave-Particle Duality is also a topic that has a wide variety of evidence. It has physical experimental evidence such as Thomas Young’s double slit experiment or the photoelectric effect, but it also has some hard mathematics associated with it like Maxwell’s equations and the De Broglie Hypothesis. It can be explained easy enough in fewer than ten minutes but if you really want to dig in deep to the details of a particular piece of evidence you can. Finally Wave-Particle Duality seems like a very tough topic to understand on the outside, but when you can break it down into different parts, show animations, or demonstrations that very tough and complex topic becomes simple enough for anyone to understand regardless of age or skill.
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